"Explore ten of the most delicious Turkish dishes that captivate the senses and take you on an unforgettable taste journey"

"Explore ten of the most delicious Turkish dishes that captivate the senses and take you on an unforgettable taste journey"

Turkish cuisine is considered one of the most famous kitchens in the world, due to its delicious taste and high nutritional value, not only in Anatolia, but also in other regions. So, it is possible to talk about many flavors that come from these lands and spread their fame in the world. The most famous Turkish dishes can be found in our following list:

1. Döner Kebap


Doner is the most popular meal in the world, and it can be found anywhere in the world. Whenever "kebab" is mentioned in our country, many different types of kebab come to mind. But for foreigners, the doner comes to mind first. Doner should be at the top of the list of most popular Turkish foods, not only because of its great taste, but also because of its interesting preparation method. The steaks are strung on a skewer and slowly rotated in a vertical position until the meat is cooked through. The delicious aroma of the doner is also an important part of this meal.


2. Baklava  

One of the first foods that comes to mind when mentioning Turkish cuisine is undoubtedly baklava. This delicious dessert, which is evenly distributed with syrup, is a popular delicacy not only in our country, but also in many other countries around the world. However, the best address to enjoy a wonderful baklava, without a doubt, is to leave. Baklava is traditionally prepared using thin dough, almonds and hot syrup. Baklava is an indispensable sweet dish on special occasions, such as weddings and religious celebrations. It is rich in calories and contains a high percentage of fat and sugar, so it is recommended to eat it in moderation.


3. Şiş Kebap

It is one of the most famous Turkish dishes ever. They can be made with red meat or chicken, but the type made with chicken is the most popular abroad. The shish kebab recipe contains a common influence between Arabic and Greek cuisine, but the Turkish shish kebab is distinguished by the distinctive sauces, rice and special bread that is prepared with it.


4. Lahmacun “meat dough”

It is a traditional Turkish meal called "Turkish pizza" in foreign communities. Despite its circular shape, which resembles pizza, it does not resemble it in terms of ingredients and dough. Minced meat is served with vegetables, lemon and spices, and is a hearty meal especially eaten with friends and family.

5. İskender Kebap

whose name comes from a butcher in Bursa. This type of kebab is served with bread, thinly sliced beef, tomato sauce, butter and yogurt. It is a delicious and delicious traditional meal that is served in most Turkish restaurants and is loved by many foreign visitors.

6.Zeytinyağlı Sarma

It is an ancient recipe that dates back thousands of years. This recipe consists of grape leaves dipped in olive oil, which are then stuffed with rice, spices, and onions, and then wrapped. Zeytunagli Sarma is one of the most famous Turkish dishes in the world.

7. Köfte

Although there are different types of "Kofta" available in various Turkish regions, this famous dish includes all kinds of "Kofta" under one umbrella. This dish, like most kebab dishes, is served with vegetables, rice and bread, and it can be found in Turkish food restaurants under the title "Turkish meatballs" in many countriesof the world.


8. Künefe

Kunafa is considered one of the most important and delicious southeastern dishes in Turkish cuisine, as it is prepared using many unique and special secrets. It is prepared with crunchy kunafa threads, special cheese, nuts and sweet syrup. It is often served after tasting Turkish delicacies as a wonderful dessert.

9. Mantı

Manta is prepared with dough filled with seasoned and boiled meat filling, then served with yogurt and special sauce. Although there is a similarity between this dish and the ravioli dish that is known in Italy, the "manta" is characterized by a completely different and unique flavor from other meat dishes. This popular dish is prepared in most regions of Turkey and can be found in many Turkish restaurants around the world.


10. Kumpir

Kumpir is one of the ten most famous Turkish dishes in the world. This famous dish is very popular in the streets of Turkey and is admired by foreigners as well. Kumpir is distinguished by the fact that it is served with various additions of fillings, sauces and vegetables, according to the person's choice and taste. This makes it one of the most unique and impressive dishes in Turkish cuisine